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serendipitous seventh - cd

Music inspired by life events, the beauty of nature and the wonder of music. "Serendipitous Seventh" is Rada Neal's latest release with 13 original piano pieces. If you favor the piano and you like beautiful melodies you'll find variations in key, mode and time signature in all of Rada's pieces.
cd available for digital download through cdbaby
buy this CD @ Cd Baby
Buy this CD @ Cd Baby

' a brave journey' sheet music - sheet music

Brave Journey - Part 1
Brave Journey - Part 2
Brave Journey - Part 3
Brave Journey - Part 4

Thank-you to all my fans for listening to and helping me to share my music. " A Brave Journey" is one of my most requested pieces and in gratitude of getting my music heard I am happy to share the sheet music with all those who love playing the piano.

Sixth Serenade

A collection of 13 original pieces written and performed by Rada. Available on cd or songbook.

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sixth serenade songbook

13 original piano pieces written and recorded by Rada. Please contact Rada for songbook
piano music

Un-Folding Fifth - CD

Eleven original piano pieces by Rada. Three of them have lyrics written by Rada's friend Mayan. One of those 3 songs is sung by Rada's daughter, Sasha. The song is called "Pink Sleep" and Sasha's voice is angelic.Rada also offers 2 ragtime pieces on this cd and all time favorite "Send in the Clowns". Cd's and songbooks are all available by e-mailing Rada @ Online purchases can be made thru cdbaby and amazon.
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un-folding fifth - cd

Whispers Of Winter - CD

Just in time for the holidays.....a collection of 14 traditional Christmas carols and one original piece.A style of piano playing that is sure to catch your ear. All songs are arranged, performed and recorded by Rada.

If you like good piano playing you'll want to listen to these arrangements over and over.Songbook can be purchased by contacting rada @
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whispers of winter - cd

Fourth Finesse - CD

If you have enjoyed Rada's previous 3 cd's this one gets even better. Musically all the melodies are completely different. Some of the songs have as many as 3 -4 different sections and
different meters.

Four of the songs actually have lyrics so if you are a singer please request the lyrics and/or music score with lyrics. As always the songs are available in a songbook purchased thru Rada.

While there is a lot of piano music written not all of it falls into the beautiful, intriguing sounds that Rada has put together. Her music comes from her soul and her families' immigrant experiences. As she looks back on the music she has written it becomes almost hard to decsribe from where the melodies have come.
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fourth finesse - cd

Timeless Third - cd and songbook

13 original piano pieces....wonderful new melodies... Songbooks can be purchased by e-mailing Rada @
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timeless third - cd

Second Steps - cd and songbook

Songbooks can be purchased by e-mailing Rada @
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second steps - cd

a beginning - music songbook

13 original piano pieces written and recorded by Rada.

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A Beginning - cd and songbook

Beautiful original piano pieces performed by the artist/ composer. Romantic, lyrical music that will keep you wanting to listen to the gentle yet passionate touches of Rada at the piano. Songbooks can be purchased by e-mailing Rada @ There is a songbook for each CD.
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Download "Second Steps" via Echospin for $9. powered by echospin
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